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Money or Comfort
When I first started out in business I found out very quickly that a percentage of people would rather save the money than have the comfort. Everyone would like to have both, of course, but natural laws sometimes prevent us from doing so. "You can't have your cake eat it too" sums it up pretty well.
The following excerpts from an email I received have the telltale signs of people wanting both money & comfort & considering the money as the best option.
"I know that building up is typically cheaper, but didn't know if that is true with first floor) additions."
" We could get what we need by adding to the lower level, but wondered is while we are tearing everything up if we would be better off building up. Should we just have the plans drawn with both scenarios?"
This is what I read between the lines. "We could have what we want with a first floor addition but we would get more for our money by doing a second floor addition."
There is a tug of war going on here between money comfort.
They naturally want to get as much for their money as they can & I can't blame them for that. But if they would find more livability on the first floor than the second floor then I am not so sure it is that important.
Here is what I replied:
"I could write a book on your question. Yes, building up is less expensive per square foot but only if you do the entire second floor. From what you tell me, the first floor addition would fulfill your needs. I think you have two conflicting different "wants". Are you more interested in saving money, or having the addition that would fit in best with your every day living? When you have answered that question to your own satisfaction then there will be no need to draw up two sets of plans. The right decision will let you build what you really want at the best price available."
Which would be more important to you? Remember, you can't have both.
This is the thought I want to leave with you.
No matter what you build it is going to cost you many thousands of dollars. It makes no sense at all to spend a bunch of money and then realize you could have made it more comfortable & added more value to your house with just a few more dollars. The added dollars will add only pennies onto your long term financing.
You will get years of better living for only a few dollars a year plus your house will fetch more money when sell time comes around.