In-Law Apartment Home Additions

 inlaw addition

Call it what you will, Inlaw apartment, mother & Daughter apartment, family apartment they are all the same. The need for these units is large & they almost always turn out to be great investments.

Evidently many homeowners agree with me because I have built hundreds of these additions of every type & description. They always include an additional bathroom & kitchen & many times separate exterior entrances.

The cost to build is high but you have to remember that your home value is dramatically increased & will continue to increase. To those of you who are thinking "Yeh, but will I get my money back" The answer is, yes. It will be one of the best investments you will ever make. Just in case you did not know, there is a very strong sales market for homes with an apartment already functioning in the house. These homes are in great demand & I see no reason for that to change.


Apartment additions come in many variations: Build a second story on a ranch type house & clone the first floor which becomes a house on top of a house. Put single or double dormers on a Cape Cod style house, or one or two story rear additions or side additions. (These are not as prevalent because of building department restrictions in relation to your lot size) Garage conversions & Basement apartments are also good options.

Some are for one or two persons, some for small families. I have built for these in-law combinations: Mother in-law, father-inlaw or both, Son & daughter in-law, daughter & son in-law, divorced or widowed daughters, divorced sons, sisters, brothers, aunts & uncles.

Depending on where you live sometimes there are zoning restrictions to these units but most of them can be easily overcome with a variance.

Apartment Plans

I notice many people looking for plans or layouts of apartment additions. As I explain on my "Plans" page you are not likely to find exactly what you want. Laying out an apartment on paper is really quite simple & you can do it yourself in a few minutes. If you are going to have a general contractor do the work then he can/will suggest variations or improvement on your layout. Helping you layout an addition is (should be)part of his service.

Multi-use in the future

In many cases these units are used for rental apartments when the original tenant is no longer living there.  

Take a look at the First Floor Addition ,Second Story Addition, Garage Conversion or Finished Basement pages. They all have complete info on everything you need for getting a great apartment built at the lowest possible cost.

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