Highballs – Lowballs

A highball is a mixed drink with liquor & soda. A lowball is low
price quoted to you by a contractor.

Both are intended to make you feel happy.

We will dispense with the highball quickly &
concentrate on the lowball.

You call a contractor who has an ad in the paper.
“Hello, this is Gotcha Contracting. How can I help you?

“Well we are thinking about putting a dormer on our
house. How much will that cost?

“Glad you called. We have a special this week, $990 for
a 30’ dormer, no payments till 2025 & a zero interest

You just got thrown a lowball.

“Gee that sounds really cheap, maybe you should
come over & see our house”

“No, not yet. Why don’t you talk to some other
contractors first. You will see how expensive they are
compared to what we quoted you. Call us after you
have seen them”

He has painted an illusion in your head that you are
going to get a bargain. He has tried to make his
competition look bad. Invariably these people are
much more expensive than everyone else & he will try
to pressure you into buying from him.

He forgot to tell you that the $990 doesn’t include the
siding, windows, roof shingles, building permit, debrts cleanup or vent pipe extension. That comes extra.

We all like to think we are getting a bargain & that is
the intention of the lowball.

Next time you get one thrown at you, duck!