Garage Conversion Methods

  How to convert your garage to anything you want

garage conversion

Convert your garage into a living area & add space to your home: bedroom, den, family room, game room, home office, 400 square foot studio apartment, gym , Day Care, or any kind of living space you may want. The garage project for formal living in either the entire garage or partial garage area is a great way to add value to your home.

The cost to add living space to your home with a garage conversion project is considerably less than adding a new addition project. The walls & roof already exist along with most of the foundation. You can make the attached garage look like a normal extension of your home if you take the time to have a garage conversion plan & design it well.

Garage Conversions That Fit Your House

I spent 25 years planning & designing garage conversions & every other type remodel imaginable. I have converted garages into small apartments, bedrooms, home offices, barber shop, family rooms & anything else you can think of.

They all take some different planning & design work but any garage conversion can be made to look like it was part of the original house. If you know how to make the right choices & choose the right contractor then it becomes even less expensive.

Is your home worth more or less after the garage conversion?
This seems to be a question many homeowners are concerned with. There are pros & cons of course but I think its a trade off in values & a win, win situation. You are giving up the garage which will diminish the value to prospective buyers who insist on having a garage. But, you are also gaining a bedroom, family room, home office etc which many buyers will insist on having in the house that they buy. The converted room has added value back to your home & probably more value than the loss of the garage.

Remember, your home is going to increase in value even if you do nothing. In the long run you will have the enjoyment of the added room plus an increased value in the house. Of course, if you have the necessary plot size, you or a prospective buyer can always add another garage in the future.

Garage Conversions Cost Saving Methods

There are two methods to have your attached garage converted to any type of room(s) you want: Hire a general contractor or Do-it-yourself (See below)

1. Have a general contractor build it for you. If you choose this method you should know how to do a preliminary design & do some pre-planning . You should know what you are buying. You should know a method to achieve the lowest cost. The contractor will help you complete your plan, secure your permits, complete the garage construction & do all the cleanup. 

Using a General Contractor

If you choose method number 1 & have a General Contractor build it for you then there are things you should do before you call him for an estimate to do the work. I spent 25 years giving estimates to homeowners & I can tell you they are woefully ill prepared to plan & negotiate a garage conversion.

Almost all homeowners pay too much for their garage conversions because they are buying a once in a lifetime item & know very little about the details of what they are buying.

I have written an ebook explaining how to buy your garage conversion at a lower price & have a better looking conversion than if you did not have this knowledge.

Things you will need to know when converting a garage

  • Learn simple design ideas for converting all or part of your garage
  • Want the lowest price available? Learn how easy it is done.
  • Learn how to easily plan designs any type garage project 
  • Learn how to cope with garage floors in the converted space
  • Things you need to plN about  baths, kitchens, outlets, heating and air conditioning, doors, windows, ceilings, floors, insulation, electrical and lighting
  • Find an extensive list of garage conversion money saving components.
  • Learn how to successfully bargain with your contractor
  • Be sure all the components are included
  • Avoid contractor "extras"
  • Find how to make your garage conversion exterior blend into your house
  • Find  how to deal with that dreaded contractor contract
  • Learn about, planning departments, local building codes, building permits & building inspectors. What you can & cannot do
  • How to blend in exterior walls
  • Free bid sheets included

If you want to know what your garage conversion cost is before you start then there is only one way to do that. Pre-plan properly before calling any contractor. There is no short cut to finding the true cost of your conversion. Current cost estimators, price per square foot estimates, averages or any other estimate will not give you the correct answer. (If all you are looking for is an estimate so you can decide what to do next then look here)

This book will take you into every aspect of a garage conversion & with this knowledge you can realistically expect a savings of a minimum of a few thousand dollars. You will read a method to make sure you negotiate for the lowest price in your area. In addition you will have a better designed conversion that will add more value to your house.

The ebook comes with a 1 year ironclad 100% guarantee. guaranteeEither you are satisfied or your money will be promptly refunded.

You receive:

"How to Plan, Design & Buy a Garage Conversion"
In-house Guru - That's me
100% ironclad 1 year guarantee

Buy with your credit card & download the book to your computer. You can start reading in just a few seconds from now. Any Questions Contact       


How to Plan & Design a Garage Conversion & Lower Your Cost

For those who already have an attached single or double car garage. Knowing what I know now & with the experience I have, then If I were you, this is how I would proceed to convert the garage into any type living area you choose. Additionally, this is exactly how I would proceed to hire a contractor at a lower cost, to complete the addition.(or a shell). Only $9.95

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