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How much does a Dormer cost?
dormer addition
All dormer cost has several variations including but not limited to width, wall height, window styles, sizes & quantity, set-back or flush to first floor, flush or set-in from end of house, ridge heights, roof overhangs, roofing material, siding material & a long list of smaller variations that could be added.
If you don't understand what I just wrote then you need some dormer learning.
I urge you to read my discussion of price per square foot in my Blog pages
Each dormer item has a different material/labor cost. So when someone asks "How much is a dormer" or "What is the dormer cost per square foot?" then I have to answer "Which one of several hundred variations are you asking about?
It is no different than asking you "How much is a women's dress or a man's suit?". There is no answer to the question without some serious input about several details.
There is only one way to find the answer to "How much is my dormer going to cost me?" Ask a contractor for a free estimate.
However, only after doing some homework & making several decisions should you begin to call in contractors.
Estimates from contractors over the phone are worthless, ignore them. A week never went by with at least one phone call asking me "How much is a dormer", room addition, bath remodel? Most of these people are not interested in building anything but merely curious about cost.
If you are one of these people the contractor is not going to take you seriously & will throw you a lowball. (A lowball is a very low dormer cost that he has no intention of honoring)
If you bite & say something like "that sounds great, come on over & we can discuss it further" he will be there shortly. But he is going to point out many things you never told him & the price will skyrocket to normal selling price or higher.
Ever hear the phrase "I was taken to the cleaners"? You will be if you rely on phone estimates. Square foot, average, middle range & those phoney calculators are worthless numbers. They convey nothing that will help you decide if you want to build or not. These funny numbers can be off by $20-$30-$40 thousand dollars & may very well stop you from doing something you can easily afford.
One more point. There is more than one way to skin a cat. Many times a good contractor will help you by suggesting variations you never thought of & save you even more money.
I explain how to make the right decisions, plan properly, choose the right contractor & get the lowest cost in your area in my ebook. You can read about it here:

How o plan & Design a Dormer Addition & lower your cost

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