DIY Garage Conversions

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Do-it-yourself & save the cost of the General Contractors overhead & profit

Need to add living space onto your home? Need additional storage in part of your garage? Need ideas to turn your garage conversion into a living space? An entire garage conversion project is a great way to add space to your home. Converting your garage into a bedroom or you may want any other kind of formal living space is relatively inexpensive. How about converted space into a 400 square foot studio apartment with bathroom, utility kitchen and heating & air conditioning?

There are many ways to do it but it needs to be done with plans, design & organized pre-planning. The converted space adds more value to your home than the original garage.


Garage conversion project cost can be reduced dramatically. You do not have to know anything to add electrical & lighting, heating & air conditioning, floor construction or anything related to building your converted garage.



You will have to learn a little about the local planning department & building permits but fear not, I will explain everything in easy step by step fashion. As long as your garage is attached to your house you are set to go.


If you have a dream of converting your garage but were unsure of how to get started or you were unable to afford it then you will be interested in a method I have to help you add the room you always wanted - DIY garage conversions.


If you are a person who has some organizing skills then that is all you need to save some serious money. If you are one of those gifted people that can also wield a hammer & use a skill saw then you can save even more. The carpenter labor on a garage conversion is a significant part of the conversion cost. You do the carpenter labor& contract out the electric & plumbing.

Contractors are expensive


Hiring a general contractor to convert your garage can get pretty expensive & because it is so expensive it becomes unaffordable to many. There is no reason why a homeowner cannot contract out the job himself & save the general contractor overhead & profit. This can amount to a very sizable amount of cash. How about enough cash to furnish your newly converted garage?diy garage conversion



No need to have any construction knowledge

To those of you that are construction challenged let me assure you there is no need to understand construction. No need to know about lumber sizes, electric or plumbing or anything else.


I know this is so because I ran a very successful construction business for years & built hundreds of garage conversions without having any aptitude for swinging a hammer. To this day I do not understand plumbing or electric installations. Yes, I confess, I am construction challenged.


Easily organize

All you need is a modicum (not much) of organizing skills & be able tell people what you want done. (Like telling your husband to put out the garbage) If you are smart enough to run a home then you are smart enough to convert your garage to the type of room or rooms you want.


I'll show you step by step in great detail what has to be done, how to do it & when to do it. All this is in a logical progression. Have your garage converted & start living in it in a few weeks.



All homeowners, male or female, that have a minimum of organizing skills & are able to give a few directions are quite capable of putting all the pieces together & bring the conversion to a successful conclusion.


I am not going to tell you it does not take some effort to do all this, because it does. However, the monetary rewards are substantial & the satisfaction of adding a new room to your house by yourself is priceless.



diy garage conversionThis is a booklet that contains all the information you need to know to that will convert your garage to anything you want,

Just a few possibilities are: Bedroom, home office, family room, living room, dining room, apartment, day care center, game room, computer room, classroom, arts & crafts & anything else you can think of.


It doesn’t matter if you have a one or two car garage as long it is attached in some way to your house. If it isn't attached I'll show you what has to be done to get it attached.


This information will direct you step by step from beginning to finish. It doesn’t matter how simple or complex your conversion will be. The method that is given to you it will be perfectly clear & concise & simple to follow.


DIY Garage Conversions - How easily it is done

  • Plan your conversion - Simple instructions on things you must know before you begin
  • Design your conversion - Detailed info on how to design the footage for any purpose
  • Secure build plans & permits ( if needed) How & where to get them.
  • Get low bids - Have the work done fast & cheap
  • Choose & hire sub contractors - Where & how to find good subs
  • Avoid Pitfalls - Plenty of tips & warnings to avoid potential problems
  • Tips to enhance the appearance - How to add appeal & house value to the converted garage
  • Plus much, much more information & instruction


After reading you will have more than enough knowledge & guidance to convert any garage for any purpose.




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Hi Bill,
Thanks for your book, I downloaded it and read it right away yesterday and my husband read it when he got home from work. Nice little book, lots of wonderful information, just what we needed!! I love the way you wrote it, newsy but fun to read too.



As a bonus along with the booklet you will have your own Garage Conversion Guru at your email beck & call. Have a question? Need some advice? Contact me by email & I will respond promptly.


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The booklet & your own in-house Guru


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Do-It-Yourself Garage Conversions

For those that wish to do part of the construction & contract the rest, or for those that want to contract the entire garage conversion. A step by step guide that explains how to convert any garage without a general contractor. Easily save a few thousand dollars.
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