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A website for homeowners contemplating a new room addition to their home. Links to pages with information about room additions- Dormer additions, second story additions, room over the garage additions, garage conversion additions, split level additions, finished basement additions & do-it-yourself room additions & much more.
Hi, my name is Bill Harbrecht. I am a retired home remodeling contractor. With more than twenty-five years of experience managing, supervising & selling home remodeling. I am able to claim, at least a modicum of expertise building home additions & all types of home remodeling.
In addition I am past president of a local chapter of NARI (National Assn. Remodeling Industry) & have arbitrated disputes for the Better Business Bureau. So you might say I have been "around the block" a few times in the remodeling business. I have a bunch of knowledge to impart that will help you build a better remodel.
When estimating over 5000 home remodels & home additions I learned that homeowners do not have nearly enough knowledge or experience to buy remodeling & get the best buy. With a little more insider knowledge than you have now you can build a better looking remodel at a lower cost There is plenty of free knowledge, tips & advice here on this website. (The really good stuff is in the ebooks.)
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Read through the web site & you will find a wealth of information that will guide you with your home addition or home remodel.

Contrary to what the website name suggests, I know you are not dumbbells, but "Remodeling for the inexperienced" isn't exactly an attention getter, so I chose...dumbbells. Please forgive any unintended slight.